About Carbon Credit Cart

What is Carbon Credit Cart?

Carbon Credit Cart provides a way for individuals and businesses to easily purchase verified carbon credits to offset carbon-producing activities. We want to encourage people to incorporate climate awareness and climate action into their daily lives. We strive to make it uncomplicated and affordable. We want everyone to get involved at whatever level feels right.

Why do we need Carbon Credit Cart? (Hint: We’ve simplified the process!)

Verified carbon credits are quite complex (just check out all the things that must be accounted for in the right column of this typical project). As a result, most of the purchasing has traditionally been done by large organizations who hire experts to help them navigate and build a carbon offset portfolio. Carbon Credit Cart makes carbon credits directly accessible, understandable and easy to buy for everyone. With Carbon Credit Cart you just need to pick a project that you want to support, then enter the number of carbon credits you want to purchase to offset your own carbon-producing activities.

Where do the carbon offset projects come from?

In our current beta phase, our carbon offset projects come via Evergreen Carbon.  We are working diligently to expand our offerings to include projects from a variety of sources representing projects from all over the globe.

Where does the money go?

Every purchase on Carbon Credit Cart is allocated the following way:

  • 85% goes to the seller / holder of the credits
  • 3.5% goes to the credit card processing
  • 11.5% goes to Carbon Credit Cart to fund the ongoing development of the platform

Who’s behind Carbon Credit Cart?

Carbon Credit Cart sprung out of a discussion between Culture Foundry and Evergreen Carbon at the Bloomberg Sustainable Business Summit in Seattle in 2019. The ideas that emerged from those early discussions led to the formation of Carbon Credit Cart as an independent entity with the following team members:

  • David Skinner is a serial entrepreneur with extensive senior executive experience in strategic planning and operations. Bless his heart. He is an ardent outdoorsman and tree hugger.
  • Hans Bjordahl likes building things on the internet, particularly teams. Together, these teams have built sites and companies and movements and shows. His dog is not a fan of global warming, so that’s that.
  • Trevor Dodd has been creating cutting edge web designs and innovative UX since the dawn of the internet. He brings the spirit and energy and perspective of Mother Earth into every trek, every endeavor and every project.
  • Wolf Lichtenstein  brings a wealth of industry expertise about a wide range of environmental issues, including carbon offsets. His knowledge about the environmental impacts and the mechanics of registered carbon offset projects is invaluable.  Wolf has a passion for carbon projects that are also beneficial to biodiversity and contribute to the local host communities’ well being.

Carbon Credit Cart is headquartered in Boulder, Colorado, USA, Earth.

Is this the best way to combat the climate crisis?

No. The best way to combat the climate crisis is to put less carbon in the atmosphere. Take fewer trips. Switch to renewable energy sources. Where that’s not a realistic option, however, we offer Carbon Credit Cart as a way to offset those activities. It’s meant to be a bridge to a carbon-free future.

If your goal is a carbon-free future, does that mean your long-term strategy is to one day put yourself out of business?

Yes. And that will be the best day ever.

If you have additional questions for us

We’d love to hear from you. Please drop us a line at: hello@carboncreditcart.com